So I was trying to figure out how to do a Christmas comic, considering Star Trek is so very non-religious and doesn’t really reference the existence of religion very often, let alone Christmas. I could only come up with two occurrences of Christmas in all of Star Trek – one reference to a Christmas party that Captain Kirk attended (TOS:Dagger of the Mind), and the bit in the 7th movie Generations, when Picard enters the Nexus and has a family. Neither was all that funny.

It also occurred that not only do they not do religion, and that Christmas would confuse all sorts of other non-human races serving aboard Starfleet vessels, but they don’t even have months and years, or indeed seasons. They’re in space. It’s bound to be snowing somewhere on lots of planets, and everything is done in Stardates. Not sure if they have a concept of December.

Anyway, sorry about all that, I thought maybe all that might have been going somewhere, but instead it appears I was just talking crap at you. So, a Merry Christmas to you all. Evil Picard may take a short hiatus over the festive period – think of it as a chance for me to recharge my creative energy banks. They’re clearly running on empty :P