So, it begins, a glorious 4 days off work thanks to our Lord getting nailed up. First good break I’ve had since Christmas. Maybe this will give me time to get some comics done ahead of time. lol, right, sure.

And the other thing ends and begins anew. Tucked away as I am in a valley we have until now been one of those small pockets of people that was passed over by digital television. In fact, until now we were still living in this National Lampoons’ European Vacation stereotype – “Hey Mom, there’s only 4 channels and no MTV!”  So yes, they’ve turned off analogue BBC 2, and suddenly I have a handful of digital channels. So, right now it’s 2am and I’m watching a documentary about post-war steam locomotives on the then newly nationalised British Railways, on BBC4 no less. Geek.

Also I updated WordPress and things were broken for a while, but I think it’s okay now. At least I am able to post a new comic.