I’ve long had a difficult time understanding the lack of emotion – originally of Spock and Vulcans in general, but even moreso of Data. Without emotion, I struggle to see where the root of desire is formed – why does Tuvok get up every morning if he has no desire to achieve anything and no fear of getting in trouble? With Vulcans of course there is emotion – they are just suppressed rather than acted upon. Actually the very idea that Vulcans have no emotions is plain silly – they display more annoyance with others than any other creature in the galaxy.

But with Data, where supposedly there is no emotion at all, now I really struggle to understand what would drive such a person. For a character without emotion, Data is shown to enjoy doing a lot of stuff – holodeck jaunts as Sherlock Holmes for instance. The first couple of seasons in particular show lots of random stuff making Data smile.

Strangest of all, Data is programmed for sex but has no emotions or, presumably, libido. Huh. An Android with a libido is like the mule with a spinning wheel. Nobody knows how he got it, and danged if he knows how to use it. I guess Tasha didn’t complain.