Kirk to Enterprise, it’s time for a bonus Wednesday comic – I’m going to go with “It’s not a real comic because it’s not Next Generation based.”

Ah yes, original Star Trek episode The Savage Curtain, where good and evil figures from history must do battle to the death. I know, it sounds cheesy now, but back then it hadn’t been done, probably. I mean, maybe in Lost in Space or something, but that doesn’t count.

This comic basically honours the fact that every time I watch this scene in this episode, I add the extra word in for Uhura myself.

Okay, some ground rules. Don’t expect bonus comics every week. If I have ideas that aren’t strictly Picardian then they may make their way into a Wednesday slot. Then once I have you guys checking me on Wednesdays I will make boring blog entries instead that you’ll feel strangely compelled to read. Call it a Pavlov’s Blog experiment.

Normal service resumes on Friday.