Evil Picard is a webcomic I made because I love Star Trek and I cannot draw. I don’t make any money from it, please do not sue me.

Now that that’s out of the way, hi. I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was very young. It was the first thing I ever watched seriously, long before Thundercats existed. A few years ago I decided to take some of the in-jokes my friends and I used to tell and turn them into photoshopped style comics. For one reason or another I ran out of steam, numerous times. Now the website is relaunching so I can lose interest in it all over again, but in the meantime, it exists, and I have at least two new comic ideas this time around.

The comic may be occasionally NSFW (Not Safe For Work), but I doubt it will ever be pornographic. Those images of Councillor Troi don’t seem to exist anyway, although on reflection this one is close. ( Haha, reflection. )

Pure Filth

Pure Filth - which in case you're interested can be found in the season 3 episode "The Price"