I lied, I really do hate O’Brien :P  Only kidding, I’m just being mean to him, like all the DS9 writers.

There is nothing wrong here, because (A) Nothing happened, you’re the one who imagined it, you sick, sick person, and (B) they are both adults, and married. With a child. If anything this is just like being doppeled into a monkey like in the classic movie Overdrawn At The Memory Bank.

Speaking of classic 80’s movies, the Tom Hanks movie “Big” heavily implies that twelve-year-old-in-adult-body Josh gets laid. But that’s okay, he’s a boy, that way around seems to be fine. Fat-Bottomed Girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round.

I have far too many readers now, lets see how many I can upset, and if I’m allowed to make comics ever again :P