We are still here, back from the dead like a Neelix full of Seven’s nanoprobes.

The more observant of you may have noticed that I’ve made a vague commitment to update the comic twice a week from now on. I reckon that’s about the best balance I can manage between new material and my sanity, without injecting too much in the way of filler. So from now on, Evil Picard will help you get through Mondays and celibrate Fridays. There may from time to time be other random updates though when I feel like doing something random, so keep your long range sensors peeled.

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Season One of The Next Generation lately (looting for ideas I suppose). . . I was almost coming to the conclusion that season one should be entirely stricken from the record – it does contain a lot of painful cliche and ill-thought-out stories. On the other hand though, every season has its golden moments, and early TNG is no exception. I love the “mean” Ferrengi, when they were still considered a credible enemy, and the outfits on the Edo girls in “Justice” . . . although to be fair I think the whole visit to that particular planet was probably a violation of the prime directive. Perhaps they were swayed by the local tourist brochure.

No, for too long have I considered that TNG begins proper with The Best of Both Worlds. Even watching Encounter at Farpoint reminded me how awesome Picard is. He’s just more awesome when he stops being French. I mean seriously, how many episodes was it before they swept that one under the carpet. Amen.

See you on Monday folks.